January 1, 2006:

Prctoolsx has been discontinued. No future releases are planned.
This site and the section in the forums will stay open.

If you need more support, you can subscribe to the "Mac Development Forum" mailing-list on palmos.com and ask questions there.


October 8, 2004:

You can download PilRC v3.2 (already compiled for OSX by Graeme Weston) from the following url:


If for any reason the above link don't work, I put up a mirror here.

(prctoolsx "release 3" includes PilRC v2.9 patch release 9)

Click here for further details.


April 27, 2004:

You can download PilRC v3.1 (already compiled for OSX by Stefan Lange-Hegermann) from the following url:


(prctoolsx "release 3" includes PilRC v2.9 patch release 9)


April 25, 2004:

Stefan Lange-Hegermann has created an Xcode template to quickly start with a prctoolsx project. You can download it from here.


October 3, 2003:

The new prctoolsx "release 3" with ARM tools is finally ready!
It runs on Mac OS X "Jaguar" 10.2.x and on Mac OS X "Panther" 10.3.x, it includes the latest version of the tools (version 2.3).


July 11, 2003:

The PilRC version included in realease 1 and release 2 is a little bit old. You can download a newer version (already compiled for OSX) from the following url:


Unstuff it and copy it to /usr/local/bin

(Update, October 3, 2003: that version of PilRC is already included in prctoolsx "release 3", so you don't need to download it anymore.)


May 12, 2003:

This website has been redesigned with a cool new look for better integration with future ZENONEZ products.

Sorry, no release3 yet, but I'm working on it...


February 12, 2003:

As reported by PalmInfoCenter this week, Metrowerks has announced in a statement to developers that they will not release a new version of CodeWarrior for the Palm OS platform for Macintosh operating systems. CodeWarrior is one of the leading commercial development tools for creating Palm OS applications.
CodeWarrior Development Studio for Palm OS Platform v9 was recently released for Windows in December.
This decision makes CodeWarrior for Palm OS v8 the last release for the Macintosh (OS9) platform.

Thus, at this moment, "PRC-Tools for OSX" is the only Palm OS development environment that runs natively under Mac OS X.


October 20, 2002:

The new PRC-Tools for OSX "release 2" is finally ready!
It runs on Mac OS X "Jaguar" 10.2.x, and it includes the latest version of the tools (version 2.2).


August 5, 2002:

A lot of well-know Macintosh related websites (like macnn.com, macintouch.com, macitynet.it, macplus.org, macgeneration.com, maczin.com) have an article about this site.
After five days of life, this site got 2360 visitors and 270 of them have downloaded the PRC-Tools for OSX package. I would have never imagined it! I'm glad!


July 31, 2002:

PRC-Tools for Mac OS X and this site are born!


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