PRC-Tools is a free collection of tools that allows you to create C/C++ Palm OS applications on Unix and Windows.
Since Mac OS X has a Unix-based core, these tools can be recompiled from source to work as Mac OS X native applications.

This site is not entirely dedicated to expose PRC-Tools related topics (for that purpose, please visit the main PRC-Tools website).
The aim of this website can rather be shortened by the following sentence:

In fact you'll learn, reading the three pages on this site, how to build a simple Palm OS application that writes "Mac and Palm rock!" on the screen using PRC-Tools under Mac OS X. (Sorry but the ordinary "Hello" applications are BORING...heh..heh)

This website is NOT a Palm OS developer's guide that will teach you C/C++ language for Palm applications, but it shows you the simplest way to set up the necessary tools that allow you to start developing Palm applications on Mac OS X with free professional software (PRC-Tools).

If you are already developing Palm OS applications on the Macintosh, you're probably using Metrowerks CodeWarrior, since that is (was) the only development environment for Palm OS available to Mac users so far. Although CodeWarrior for Palm OS is a great professional product, if we compare it to PRC-Tools, it has two major inconveniences: its cost (approximately $500) and the fact that, starting from January 2003, Metrowerks has definitely stopped the development of CodeWarrior for Palm OS for Macintosh operating systems. That means CodeWarrior for Palm OS verision8 will be the LAST release for the entire Macintosh platform and version9 will NEVER come to light on Mac OS (neither for OS9 nor for OSX).

It could also be that you are a "PowerUser" and you've already downloaded the source code from the official PRC-Tools website, compiled and patched it to work on Mac OS X. If you are one of those PowerUser, then this site is not useful for you; on the contrary, your help could be useful to this site :-)

In the next "install" section you'll be guided through a simple installation process that will set up for you the complete PRC-Tools package (PilRC included). The binaries have been compiled by Greg Clayton from PalmSource, who I would like to thank for the great collaboration; I then packaged all the files into a Mac OS X standard .pkg package to get an easy to set up double clickable installer.


now you're ready to go to the "install" section...