What's a "To-Do" URL?

A "To-Do" URL is a link to a site that you'll have (or want) to visit in the near future.
It's a sort of "temporary bookmark" you want to fix/manage somewhere to remind yourself to read it, but not so important/permanent to be added to your browser's bookmarks.


"To-Do" URLs and Dock

Mac OS X has a cool "built-in" feature that lets you save those links to your Dock by simply dragging the small icon that you find at the left of the URL in the Address Bar (of your browser) to the right side of the Dock.

The URL icon will stay there and clicking it will open the page in your default browser.
(Note: some people use this feature also to store "permanent bookmarks" of sites they visit every day)


Why Urly?

To prevent an overcrowded Dock (pictured below), and yet preserving the simplicity to add an URL with a simple drag & drop operation.


How does it works?

It's simple: open your browser* and visit a web page. Drag the small icon (called "favicon") that you find at the left of the URL in the Address Bar to the left or right border of your screen (depending on the Hot Edge you chose in the Preferences). The Urly drawer will automatically pop out allowing you to drop the URL at the desired position (see below).

(click to enlarge)

All the URLs added to the Urly drawer will be accessible by right-clicking (or press-and-hold) the Urly icon in the Dock:


*: Urly only works with Safari.

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