July 23, 2006:

v0.9.1 - Universal Binary

Sorry, there won't be any future releases of this product.


April 13, 2004:

The first public release (v0.9) of Urly is out !
Please feel free to post your questions, comments or bug reports in the forums.

Version 0.9 adds/changes/fixes the following:

  • Added the "Open URL" and "Remove URL" little buttons to the drawer
  • Added "Check Update" feature to automatically check online for new version
  • Added support for MacPAD
  • Added keyboard shortcut [Return] to toggle the drawer
  • Drawer's transparency can be modified from the Preferences
  • The Hot Edge can be switched to the right side (for users who already have the Dock on the left side). Check the Preferences
  • Complete redesign of the icon (big thanks to Cédric)
  • Added an integrated "Quick Help"


April 02, 2004:

Version 0.8 adds/changes/fixes the following:

  • Added drag & drop capability to sort URLs in drawer's table
  • Added the possibility to delete an URL by selecting it in the drawer's table and hitting the Backspace key
  • Added the possibility to delete an URL by dragging it from the drawer's table to the trash
  • Remembers drawer's width
  • Fixed a bug with Exposé
  • Fixed a bug with 3rd party "Virtual Desktops" utilities like Desktop Manager


March 16, 2004:

First "usable" version of Urly (v0.7).